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All about jazz readers are usually very hip to the joys and challenges of listening to this uniquely american and endlessly fascinating art form we call jazz aficionados of jazz like to talk about jazz like to recommend jazz to others and like to listen to how others listen to jazz this is why strangers can so easily talk jazzhow to listen to jazz is a thorough impassioned guide to a sound that tends either to inspire deep almost religious devotion or cause eyes to go crossedgioia elucidates the music in a way that increases the listeners sense of awe and wonder rather than supplants itin this article knowing what to look for in jazz enjoying jazz understanding the evolution of jazz community qanda 25 references jazz is an american form of music that was born sometime around the year 1900 out of a diverse number of cultures and musical styles sometimes restrained and intimate other times boisterous and exciting still other times sultry and seductive jazz music has a nonetheless how to listen to jazz fills an important and obvious gap by offering a sensible and jargon free introduction to what gioia calls the most joyous sound invented during the how to listen to jazz by ted gioia is a pleasant chatty book that isnt as pedagogic as the title might suggest to be sure gioia does provide many clues and tips on how to listen to this most vibrant style of music but many of them would apply to any style

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